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Whey Protein Pancakes

My new favourite obsession.. Whey protein powder ūüėÄ So I’ve been using whey protein powder after my work outs this week and as it’s the weekend I thought I’d do something new with the powder for a change! This stuff is great and so versatile!! I still can’t believe I¬†indulged¬†in pancakes with a peanut butter … Continue reading

Broccoli Soup

This is a really simple quick recipe that tastes delicious and is really low carb friendly! The greek¬†yoghurt¬†adds a creaminess while keeping the calories low. I have to say I absolutely love the Weber seasoning products. I think they add a lot of flavour and pack a good punch as an alternative to using salt … Continue reading

Warm BLT Salad

I’m back visiting Chicago and made a simple dinner for my friend last night. She took me to this local market where we stocked up on vegetables. What better meat to go with it than some good ‘ol fashioned American bacon!!! I miss American bacon when I’m away and BLTs were always a fav sandwich … Continue reading

“Muffin in a minute”

My new favourite obsession.. Linseeds ūüėÄ Flax¬†(also known as¬†common flax¬†or¬†linseed) Flax seeds contain high levels of dietary fibre¬†as well as lignans, an abundance of micronutrients¬†and omega-3 fatty acids. ¬†One hundred grams of ground flax seed supplies about 450 kilocalories, 41¬†grams of fat, 28¬†grams of fiber, and 20¬†grams of protein. And I’ve just discovered they are … Continue reading

Chicken & Vegetables in a cream cheese sauce

This recipe is low carb friendly! Loaded up with vegetables and served in a smooth cream cheese sauce, it’s so delcious!! I fried off some pancetta first, then added in chicken, garlic, cumin, paprika, chilli powder, salt and pepper to taste. I added red peppers, courgettes and mushrooms then cooked til it was tender to … Continue reading

Goats Cheese & Stir Fry Vegetables

After 4 weeks of indulging in lots of good food I felt a need to make something with a bit more vegetables! Lets get back to the low carb and healthy life.. This was quick and easy to throw together and had lots of rich flavours. I fried off some bacon first, removed it and … Continue reading

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