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Food Science

Welcome to the Food Science Section of The Corseted Culinarian.

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelors degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition in 2006.  It was the perfect combination for me as it combined my love of the sciences and my passion for food.

Food Science is the study concerning technical aspects to food, from the start of food (either animal or plant) thru to processing, then packaging and consumption of food.

Food scientists work on developing new food products, designing and improving production processes, packaging, shelf-life studies, sensory, microbiology and chemical testing of foods,

From Wiki:

Food science is a highly interdisciplinary applied science.  It incorporates concepts from many different fields including microbiology, chemical engineering and biochemistry.

Some of the subdisciplines of food science include:

  • Food Safety – the causes, prevention and communication dealing with foodborne illness
  • Food microbiology – the positive and negative interactions between micro-organisms and foods
  • Food preservation – the causes and prevention of quality degradation
  • Food engineering – the industrial processes used to manufacture food
  • Product development – the invention of new food products
  • Sensory analysis – the study of how food is perceived by the consumer’s senses
  • Food chemistry – the molecular composition of food and the involvement of these molecules in chemical reactions
  • Food packaging – the study of how packaging is used to preserve food after it has been processed and contain it through distribution.
  • Molecular gastronomy – the scientific investigation of processes in cooking, social & artistic gastronomical phenomena
  • Food technology – the technological aspects
  • Food physics – the physical aspects of foods (such as viscosity, creaminess, and texture)
  • Food physical chemistry- physical and chemical aspects of foods, structure-functionality relationships in foods.

About Chicabella the Corseted Culinarian

Recipe for The Corseted Culinarian: Mix together two parts creative, one part inquisitive, one part outgoing, dash of silly, sprinkle of funny, knead gently, bake, allow to cool, slice and spread with love.


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