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Goats Cheese & Stir Fry Vegetables

After 4 weeks of indulging in lots of good food I felt a need to make something with a bit more vegetables! Lets get back to the low carb and healthy life.. This was quick and easy to throw together and had lots of rich flavours. I fried off some bacon first, removed it and … Continue reading

Garden Delights

Welcome to the Garden Delights section of The Corsted Culinarian. I recently moved to a home with a big back garden that had a vegetable patch already started for me. I was really lucky and I love gardening. This section will be all about what I’m gardening at the moment, food that I make using … Continue reading

Herbal Medicine

Welcome to the Herbal Medicine section of The Corseted Culinarian. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart (open heart space and all that!). I did a 2 year part-time apprenticeship in herbal medicine. It was life changing! I will be sharing with you plenty of recipes on how to use and … Continue reading

Local Cuisine

Welcome to the Local Cuisine part of the Corseted Culinarian where I visit places and try out what good foods they have to offer! This can include where I live or places I visit on holidays. I hope you enjoy my reviews and let me know if you’ve been to the places I’ve blogged about, … Continue reading

Mexican Lasagna

So last year I did a small write-up for Easy Food Magazine in Ireland. The recipe: Mexican Lasagna. Check out EFM on FB… http://www.facebook.com/#!/easyfoodmag I love Mexican food and this recipe was goooood! I made some adaptations to improve it and make it more like what I enjoy and eventually even used it in my Cheffactor … Continue reading

Chicabella’s Adventures

Welcome to the Foodie Adventures of the Corseted Culinarian! In this section I’ll be blogging about different things I do with my cooking skills, from competitions to writing for magazines! I try to get out there and do things related to what I love, FOOD!

White Chicken Chili

A friend of my grandmother’s made this chilli for her then passed on the recipe when my grandma loved it. It’s got great flavour and perfect to warm the belly on a cool winter’s evening. My grandma insisted we get the chicken with skin on it, because “that is where the flavour is”! The recipe calls for chicken breasts … Continue reading

Guest Chef

Welcome to the Special Guest Chef section of The Corseted Culinarian. Many people have inspired me to cook and try out new foods. In this section I’ll be featuring friends and family who I cook with or who cook for me. I will also from time to time highlight a Chef I really enjoy following. I … Continue reading

Food Science

Welcome to the Food Science Section of The Corseted Culinarian. I graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelors degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition in 2006.  It was the perfect combination for me as it combined my love of the sciences and my passion for food. Food Science is the study concerning … Continue reading

Who is Chicabella?!

As 2012 starts, so does my dance with blogging! It’s been suggested by a few that I should start one and it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while. My interest and passion in food has grown since I was little.  I am a food scientist who loves to cook.  Over the past few … Continue reading

Happy Trails

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